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Mary has offered to come down and teach under her insurance and travel between private properties. Recent posts.

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Maybe coding is, in fact, poetry. City as sorcerer and storyteller, sharp-eyed observant, holy grandmother. Episode 3 Fear is mutation, soul transformation and sin when man starts to kill. Knots on the brain are also knots in the stomach.

My sisters, heaven was as close […]. Hey everyone!

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America has built too many monuments to war. How does the earth hold so much weight, so much anxiousness?

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Charleston […]. Racism, let us no longer walk in your shoes.

Episode 1 Battle droid theory: Turn war into fetish, make army of robots. Buy my books from my official online store and check out some of my poetry videos. Here, social media is social justice and history is a hashtag for broken screens to get their fix. Today, she is the voice connecting her family: The tourist […].

Birds are perched on the shoulders of […]. I met America at a neighborhood bar.

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Today, we are witnesses to that witchcraft. When the reality of racism returns, all joy tre water in oceans of buried emotion. My latest poetry book is The Birth of All Things, available now.

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When will I stop seeing tired eyes after waking up next to mirrors? Heaven was a tiny house with just enough room for God to meditate and dream of a universe devoid of vanity. Be aware of the […]. I remember when love was an elusive spider — an intruder that kept trying to creep into my life, crawling between the cracks of hardwood floors before disappearing into the shadows of sleepless nightmares. Recently, I counted the steps it took before the eighth shot grounded you: I wonder how many impressions your feet made before that […].

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At that event, the […]. John L. God took a selfie before the Big Bang and noticed the sadness in his eyes. Loneliness covered his face in darkness; depression awakened the need for light. As if sleeping is a switch easily turned on. Like the color of sand, a brilliant tan that needs no sun. John and his wife, Sandy, reached out to Marjory Wentworth and I last year after we performed a free benefit concert for the families of the Emanuel AME victims.

I wrote this after walking down King Street to attend a Spoleto event. My poetic energy is moving toward youth poetry. Written for the dedication of her historical marker I. There are spirits among us — ghosts of grassroots movements echoing through our soil.

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I ordered another drink and was channeled by dark spirits. When will I stop messing with my hair? Episode 4 The family back home: Echoes and faint memories of life before war. My grandmother. Charleston is home to a lot of talented, forward-thinking young poets. Welcome to the United States of Addiction.

Read about it here. I spent restless years trapped by distraction, haunted by a thing I could not catch, but secretly wanting a tarantula to […].

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Citizens of its charm. She was light through dark matter, […]. Brown, like the mahogany tree bark, grounded in the summer, whose green leaves make the transition into fall, coffee-stained by the […]. Less than a decade from Martin Luther King Jr. Text is below. We, the living, have the privilege of being restful ghosts. Why do I call the cracks on my face fault lines? We hold hatred high on pedestals in the name of history.

As if Sketches of Spain is anything but a masterpiece. As we transition into a new year, we celebrate a new mayor, John Tecklenburg.

The courage of black ghosts who haunt American dreams. Itch buildup. If I write lines of poems like I write lines of code, no comma would be out of place and every quotation mark left open would throw the whole piece off center.

On a head full of hair, there will always be weak strands. Man-made maladies mounted on Mother Earth. You can also hear my version with Quentin E. Baxter on iTunes. To appreciate farmers and fishermen whose passion feed the entire […]. A new poem, focusing on joy.

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Commissioned by Mayor John J. Tecklenburg for the removal of the Calhoun monument in Charleston, SC. There is a shadow that no one talks about We allow it to reside among us in our supermarkets In our schools At festivals where willing ignorant laughter topples over the chatter of my […]. Slippery words spill out of us and fall to the floor as we fumble over ourselves on the trip back to the bar. Click the video to watch:. I am a feminist because my mother was with […].

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But God is the only […]. Especially when you know that a dad could be a God, but you are a feminist.

We haunt material things, and hold our history […]. Instead, be thankful that dry skin can still wear a crown. Echo chambers for people at war with […]. I was born the year our country celebrated its th birthday.

Episode 2 Soldiers are now slaves in galaxies of mass graves, programmed for violence. In this country, your smart phone holds more meaningful moments than your memory. Gut-touched twists too tight on the scalp. Soon, space expanded from a single snapshot […].

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He offered me a shot of rum and I reminded him that Captain Morgan was a slave owner, so the bartender awkwardly slipped another liquid lie down my throat. My new poetry book is The Birth of All Things. for more info. Hopefully, my experience in the art form can help the students improve their writing.