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Swingers Ontario is a modern easy to use, cross platform swingers lifestyle contact system. It works equally well on computers, tablets and smartphones. With over 5. Looking for something with a kink? for free in under 5 minutes and start browsing the profiles of our swinging members. Swingers Ontario has the details of all the swingers clubs and swing holidays in the province, we hope to see you at an event soon.

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We soon found that other people we know play. If it -- playing with friends -- happens naturally, organically, then that's awesome and you're very lucky. When we started, I was very confident that playing with strangers, as in a club setting, was the only way to go.

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Say the other couple breaks up, or you just have a falling out with the other couple Lots of friends don't have relationships strong enough to be swingers or are just not 'wired' to swing. Sometimes it's lack of availability but also she never really had casual sex when she was younger and single, sometimes she decides she wants to do it again and since it aligns with what I'm interested in, I'm all for it.

And though we both thoroughly enjoyed it and are open to doing it again, we are not to the point where we are making a lifestyle change. Never had any issue with broken friendships, we just pick carefully.

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There is something exciting about strangers. Sex with our friends was planned and done with a playful evening. The first time with any woman in my life has been exciting, they just naturally occurred. Looking back of course the first time I had sex was exciting too.

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Apparently, no one ever mentioned it because they saw my wife as the "wholesome" type and didn't think we would be into it. Forgot your password? I think it was more comfortable for everyone involved because we all knew each other and we weren't really sure how to go about certain things. We take strangers and make them into friends! But, we all denied it to one another, we were all virgins. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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You can post now and register later. Clear editor. Are you willing to take the chance of the friendship ending in drama? It was natural, albeit slightly alcohol fueled. Having her actually nude and us playfully touching and not being romantic. Of course I was nervous getting completely nude in front of another couple.

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Friends are the best. We joked and played in for me a nervous way. The experience was way different than my home sex which is great too. It was a full swap with some close friends, but reading some of these posts, it sounds as though most people prefer to swap with strangers. There is an excitement of a new partner without the worry of who these new people are. To be clear, me and my wife have only swung once. Recommended Posts. What do most people enjoy and why?

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in anonymously. We started with friends and looking back it was the only way we could have started. After some time we are all friends.

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EastInWest SJBluebirds Personally, we value our friendships too much to risk approaching many of them. FWB would be ideal but not with our existing friends unless we saw them on a website or at a club. It was just a fun exciting different experience that is so hard to explain. But, as an ongoing activity, its still more MFM with strangers then anything else. I know she is safe.

I have imagined her nude before. It turned out that playing with a couple we knew was what she needed in order to get over the last mental barrier. Like I said, we have only done it once. Do you do it with strangers because it's a turn on, or because you dont have friends in the lifestyle?

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But it seems like doing it with strangers would be terrible. I think it has more to do with not wanting to ruin a great friendship, if the situation is mis-read and the chat couple isn't interested in playing with the two of you; it will always be in the back of their mind: "Do they wanting want to be friends because they're [you] are trying to seduce us? The only swingers we enjoyed were friends of friends. I simply loved it and had another one going two weeks later with a guy that started chatting with us in a resort bar.

Fact is, as woman, we have been dating male friends and fucking them since high school; guys that were part our circle of friends, classmates, etc. Then it happened. But I believe the friendship place to start is usually with good friends for most people. We have done it with both, we actually enjoy with friends. Our first swing experience, an MFM, was with the guy half of a couple we had met while vacationing. Swinging with real-life friends has the potential to become awkward at times.

The 'problem' with using friends is that if anything goes 'south' in the with, there is a pretty good chance that it will leak out to everyone in the circle of friends. Anon Posted January 4, If so, go ahead and play with friends. Our first was with someone we knew, not a friend, not a stranger. Mike Posted January 3, Share this post Link to post. We continued along those lines but added in swaps at a local couples club, again strangers. Higher reward with less risk.

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And now, here we are, adults still afraid that someone will rat us out for engaging and adult sexual behavior. or insert images from URL. Swingers Talk Existing user? Given the small percentage of people involved in alternative sexual practices, it is statistically unlikely your friends are open to playing with you. Display as a link instead.

However, we have also transitioned to strangers. I touched and explored and she made things easy. After so many years of monogamy I was tasting a willing woman. Are you willing to be outted to all your friends, let them know what you've done? Paste as plain text instead. I feel the only reason we participated the one time is because it was with trusted friends. And I dont think we will have a problem finding others to play with. Being new to the game we are enjoying meeting couples who we could see being friends with and connect with in or outside the bedroom.

It's always been interesting and never "terrible", although people are people and we realize it could be. He is a second husband of our friend. It was a great experience playing with people we already enjoyed being with. By MikeJanuary 3, in Swingers Talk. Eventually, we brough a good friend into MFM with us.

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In the end I was happy we all had fun and have played many times again. My big fear was not exploding. Surprisingly, on the night of the encounter, they told us they swing with 5 other couples that we have been friends with for years. Maybe not so much.

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If you have anin now to post with your. She has introduced us to others, some we knew, some strangers. If not, think about it. I am going to add that having sex with our friend might be the most exciting experience I have ever had.

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Easier and much more successful is finding other couples that are already swinging to swing with and turn them into friends. Friends or strangers? He happened into town on business and wanted to meet for drinks and we ended up in his hotel room. With that said, we've pulled in a half dozen strangers for MFM since then from vanilla pickup settings.