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You have been blocked from posting on these Message Boards. If you have questions about this block, please at community kingsisle. For all questions and concerns, contact Customer Support. Author Message MarleyJuniper. I am 18, a paying member through steam and steam wallet which uses my credit cardand I have open chat enabled in parental controls for myself. However, once I get into the game, I can't figure out how to use it.

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Note that additional information may be required in some circumstances. If you are unable to use the chat function, it is possible that your does not have Text Chat enabled.

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This chat feature is in response to our community's requests. You can verify that your Wizard is still wearing their higher level clothing by looking at it in your backpack. Items that you want to place in the Shared Bank can be moved between Wizards wizard101 the same. Gift Cards cannot be used to unlock Open Chat.

About Wizard Safety Features. All the Realms are identical so if you're in the Greyrose Realm and your friend is in the Wu Realm, you can be standing in exactly the same place and not see free other. Player vs Player. In order to maintain a fun and safe virtual world experience for everyone Wizard has 4 communication options. If you have ly been able to use Text Chat and no longer can access it, it is possible that you have been reported for harassment or other misconduct. True Friend codes allow you to chat with people you know in Real Life.

ESRB Rating. Wizard is an online chat that you download and play with other people in a virtual world. You will receive one training point every 4 levels till After level 20, you will receive one training point every 5 levels.

This chat is still filtered for profanity and inappropriate language and is available for Members only. Community Portal. If you are logged off in a Member area, and your Membership expires, you will be returned to Ravenwood Commons and you can continue to play in the Free to Play areas of Wizard If you decide you no longer wish you keep a Wizard, you can delete them yourself at the Wizard selection screen by selecting the Wizard you wish to delete and pressing the Delete button.

Why switch Realms? See the Game Tour of the Spiral.

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If you can't use the item, sell it to the Bazaar, and if it is marked No Auction, you can sell it at the regular shopkeeps throughout the Spiral. Unless Merle has a symbol over his head, he's just checking to make sure you're paying attention to your studies! You can switch between Realms easily when you're not in a duel.

KingsIsle Entertainment has developed Wizard to be an exciting and fun online experience for people of all ages. This chat will be filtered for profanity. During this process, your free button may appear grey, which means you will have to wait until everything in your house has downloaded before you can start redecorating.

These training points can be used to learn spells from outside your school of focus. To enable you must to Wizard Under the " Management" section to your parental controls and click on the 'enable' button located next to the 'filtered text' option. Official Player Guide. Violent and abusive behavior, as well as the exchange of personal information is still not acceptable. Examples of disallowed chats are; profanity, s, and real world wizard101.

Our terms for in-game communication with other players will remain the same. Simply press Esc and select the very last top on the tab with the above icon - and you will see a list of Realms to choose from. Zone Pricing. Players may choose to switch between Realms that are more or less populated based on their play style.

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Yes, courtesy character transfers can occur if: a both s are linked in a single Family of s b both s pass our security checks c the destination has an active membership d both s have had no ificant sanctions If your situation meet these conditions, send an to support kingsisle. CTRL - M is the shortcut key to bring up this section of your journal.

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Prepaid Cards. Party Planning. If you have an that is over 13 and still cannot chat you might need to enable the feature.

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Follow the instructions to create your Wizard and be taught the first steps of playing Wizard Continue to adventure, talking to other residents of the world and dueling creatures in the game. The trade of items between different s will not be added to Wizard We feel that an economy of item trading is not appropriate for our game. Even if you uninstall Wizard from your free, your Wizard, all the belongings and experience earned is chat safe. Community Fansites. This option is available to everyone. If you only see crates at your house, relax, it just means wizard101 those items are still being downloaded, and they will 'pop' back to their normal appearance once you've downloaded the information.

If you know your friend in real life, you can give him a True Friend Code - this will allow you to teleport directly to each others location. Introducing an in-game item trading economy does not fit with our values and vision for Wizard The only items that can be traded between two different s are non-enchanted Treasure Cards. All the Realms are identical and you can switch between Realms easily when you're not in a duel.

You can also receive training points through certain quests. All decisions are final when it comes to character transfer requests. You will be prompted to enter a code to verify that you want to delete that Wizard.

Ravenwood News. If you arrive at your Castle or Dorm and all your items have been mysteriously replaced with crates, don't worry, the movers are not hauling your items away. This option is available to all over 13 and under 13 with parent permission. KingsIsle Blog. Merle seems to be back to some bad habits of calling Wizards to his side when they level, and then not having anything for them when they arrive.

To ensure the highest level of safety, we have chosen to provide this for our active credit card Member community only.

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Agree on a Realm to meet in before you log in. If your backpack is full, items you acquire through quests or duels are placed in your BANK.

Wizard has several Realms for our players to enjoy. s set up as over 13 players are able to use the Text Chat. If you are meeting a friend in game you want to make sure you meet on the same realm so you can find each other! Community Guides. Simply press the Esc key on your keyboard, and the tab on the very far right is your Realms tab. System Requirements. Earn Crowns. The first thing you should try is turning off your Quest Helper. This chat will be filtered for Profanity, but will allow s and names. There are two ways to find your friend.

There you can select a different Realm or a different Area of the Realm you are already within.

If you are new to online gaming, you may want to print out our Quick Guide for easy reference to the basics such as how to move, how to chat and what to do in Wizard If you want more in depth information, you may want to look at our Players Guide.

Merle is at it again! If you are looking for players to adventure with, you may wish to switch to a Realm with a higher population. To play Wizard, follow these steps: Register on Wizard Click the Wizard icon on your computer desktop to start the game.

Download Wizard Schools of Magic. Please note that this option is off by default, and you must actively select this option under Management. You may also simply have the Chat Bubbles turned off.

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You can turn the chat bubbles on and off by pressing the letter O on your keyboard. Words that are NOT in the Wizard dictionary will be displayed as "…". Safety Tips.